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Micro-needling in Albany, NY

Proteins found in our skin provide it strength and elasticity as well as replace dead skin cells. This keeps our skin looking firm and healthy. These proteins are called Collagen and Elastin. As we age we have a decrease in the production of these proteins. With this decrease skin becomes fragile and allows the formation of fine lines and wrinkles to begin. A Micro-needling treatment at The Artistry of Face can increase the amount of collagen in your skin. This increase in collagen production creates younger looking skin by decreasing fine lines and tightening the skin in your face, neck and décolletage. Microneedling can be used in conjunction with skin cosmeceuticals to increase their absorption into the skin by 300%

A Micro-Needling treatment in Albany, NY Can reduce:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Scars caused by acne
• Pore size
• Discoloration


Frequently asked questions
About Micro-Needling at The Artistry of Face in Albany, NY

What occurs during a Micro-needling at The Artistry of Face?

Micro-needling causes tiny “micro-injuries” to the skin. This creates channels directly into the skin which aid in the absorption of cosmeceuticals and stimulates your body’s own collagen production.

When can I expect to see results of the Micro-Needling treatment at The Artistry of Face?

In most cases a series of 3 to 6 micro-needling procedures is necessary to see most favorable results of this skin care treatment. You will see a noticeable change in skin with 2 to 3 weeks.

What are the possible side effects of a Micro-needling treatment?

Micro-needling can cause redness that looks similar to a sunburn. This redness usually returns to normal within a few hours. This is not a procedure in which you can immediately return to work or activities.

How do I know if a Micro-needling is the correct treatment for my skin type?

To learn more about how Micro-needling can rejuvenate your skin schedule a consultation at The Artistry of Face today!

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